UX Design

UX Design



UX. You probably know this, but we feel like it needs to be said... that's User Experience. And even better defined, the way a user interacts with your website/ store. 

So what is the difference between good UX and bad UX? Gosh, we are so glad you asked.

Ever gone shopping on a website and gotten lost? Not knowing how to checkout and yelling at your screen "I just want to give you money!". Yep, that's bad UX. 

Or, have you ever been to a website and found yourself in love with the product and purchasing before you even knew what was happening? You guessed it, good UX. 

There are a lot of steps to creating a website with good UX, fonts, colors, imagery, icons, copy, user flows etc... We want to help your website go from good to great, and this is one way we do it.