Member 10% off Limited Edition - The Blooming One
Member 10% off Limited Edition - The Blooming One

Member 10% off Limited Edition - The Blooming One

Hoplark HopTea


Our Fall Limited Release was inspired, brewed, and designed by the women of Hoplark. We brewed this special limited release with a special blend of hops called Pink Boots from Yakima Chief that supports women brewers all over the world. Using the very special Butterfly Pea Tea, the brightness of Loral, Glacier, Sabro, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops illuminates the base tea for a multidimensional sweetness. This delicate blossom from the butterfly pea vine turns earthy and vibrant when brewed.

Hoplark has teamed up with Mother House of Boulder to bring you this special brew. Mother House provides a strong root system for new childbearing parents in any stage of pregnancy with opportunities for housing, education, healthcare, and more. Parents can grow with and beyond this community foundation, branching out to create a regenerative network of care. A portion of all sales for The Blooming One will be donated to Mother House.


-The Women+ of Hoplark


The sixth iteration in our Limited Release taste exploration that will push the boundaries of HopTea and bring our taproom experience to your home. Some will be simple, some complex, some will have zero calories, some will not. Each month's release will bring a new and unique flavor experience.


How Limited Edition Releases Work: 

  • Limited Releases will be sold on our website by pre-order. We expect to sell out quickly
  • Each release will be announced via our email newsletter and through Instagram. So sign up and follow so you don't miss them.
  • Subscribe to the Limited Release series to get 10% off and automatic access to every new batch as we release them. You will have an opportunity to skip deliveries at any time.