About Us

On Sight was born out of the need for something different. Working with an agency is oftentimes seen as scary, way too expensive, and just an overall struggle for the client. 

We'll we've changed that. As Developers, Marketers and Designers, we share in all the tasks that make our business tick. That way, a developer knows how to market, a designer knows how to code, and a marketer knows design. 

This ensures we create the best possible product with the best possible resources and leverage the best talent to do so. And the most important part... Communication. Sometimes we might even talk too much. We believe that communication is the foundation for any good project. If you are looking for an agency that stays quiet and just does what is told, you might need to look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a group of outgoing, fun, talented people who like to shake things up a bit, give us a ring!

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